EJABI's 15th Anniversary

The European Union (EU) and the Amman Chamber of Industry (ACI) celebrated the 15th Anniversary of the Euro-Jordanian Advanced Business Institute EJABI, a joint EU-ACI project.


Amman, 30th September 2018. In a ceremonial event under the patronage and presence of H.E. Faisal El-Fayez, President of the Jordanian Senate, and key notes from H.E. Andrea Matteo Fontana, Ambassador of the EU to Jordan, and H.E. Senator Ziad Homsi, Chairman of the Amman Chamber of Industry, met to celebrate the 15th years of existence of EJABI, and presenting its future activities. Many dignitaries and representatives from embassies, companies, NGOs, and governmental institutions were present.  The event took place at ACI premises.


H.E. Faisal El-Fayez, President of the Jordanian Senate, stated: “Our ultimate goal is to upraise our country through investing in Human Resources. From this, I hope that this institute will continue its actions and reach out to the vast majority of SMEs, organizations and individuals.”


H.E. Senator Ziad Homsi, the Chairman of the Amman Chamber of Industry emphasized: “EJABI institute left its tremendous marks in the development of the industrial sector in Jordan. It had a great power to distribute knowledge by providing technical support and training. Today, EJABI is a non-profit organization to reflect ACI’s vision to sustain this service after the EU support.”


Mr. Andrea Matteo Fontana, EU Ambassador said: "The today's celebration shows that the Amman Chamber of Industry made an effective use of the seed funding provided by the EU. We hope that the institute will continue to operate in future"  


In 2003/2004, the EU and ACI partnered in order to set up the EJABI- training institute with specific focus on further developing and supporting SMEs in Jordan.


Two-years initial funding was assured by the EU’s so-called EJADA-program (Euro-Jordanian Action for the Development of Enterprise), while full responsibility, both management- and financial-wise, has been assumed by the ACI since the closure of the program.


Since its opening, EJABI was able to render services (e.g. capacity building training to increase the managerial and technical skills of the enterprises) to more 20000 delegates, 500 clients, and delivered more than 3000 training days.  


Nowadays, EJABI is available to a broad audience, to which it offers unique and boutique venues placed in the heart of Amman for workshops, trainings, seminars and tailor-made events.