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The EuroJordanian Advanced Business Institute EJABI is a non-profit institution in the very heart of Amman, at the 2nd circle.

In 2003/2004, the close and trustful partnership between the European Union (EU) and the Amman Chamber of Industry (ACI) established and launched the built-to-dimension training institute at the 4th floor of the Chamber Building. Initially funded by the EU for the first two years, EJABI was progressed and sustained by the ACI ever since.

Nowadays, EJABI provides, after an earlier exclusive focus on the industrial sector, a variety of training courses, certified programs, workshops and seminars for any training demanding person, company and institution of all sectors and branches. Of course, EJABI will always keep in mind where it came from and, thus, will also continue to be a strong partner of the industrial sector.

The training at EJABI is always designed to upgrade skills and knowledge of the participants in a professional and facilitated way and in the very best favor of the participant and of the delegating companies or institutions.

Now, we invite you to discover our courses, programs and venue-possibilities on our webpage. Should you be close to the 2nd circle eventually, please feel also invited to drop in at EJABI and see our training facilities, which are waiting for your participation.

EJABI is at your service and happy to support your next steps in training and further education.

Don’t hesitate and contact us today:

Email: info@ejabi.org.jo / Phone: 06 4644 133

In any case, wishing you lots of success and all the best!

Your EJABI Team

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EJABI – your unique and boutique venue
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