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For the IBDL program in Jordan, EJABI partnered exclusively with IBDL, which is another program of our long-term and reliable partner Missouri State University (MSU). According to IBDL, “IBDL's certifications are particularly designed and developed for those who are looking for opportunities and qualifications in Business Administration Professionalism with an internationally recognized aptitude.” 1

The IBDL program is a 3-level-program, each preparing for an IBDL Official Certificate Examination. The three levels can be seen in this figure: 2

In the following, you will find more information about each of the three levels:

 Level 1:  IBDL Essential

“Understanding Business - Your Way to Business!

It is a rewarding certification that can create opportunities for a lifelong career. It is internationally recognized certification in Business Administration skills - BAS.

IBDL Essential provides learners with an integrated “big picture” approach to business that covers the most important functional areas of business. It explains the nature of business with an emphasis on its applications for people and organizations.” 3

  Level 2:  IBDL Professional

“Management and Planning - Your Way to Management!

It is primarily a milestone in your career in business administration field. It provides a business sense of how to implement successful position for your organization in light of four essential pillars of performance; Planning and supervision, monitoring and control which give you edge over the competitors. The main idea is to keep focused on a type of “bottom line,” to make sure you think continually about “delivering the goods” that make both you and your organization a competitive success.4

Level 3:  IBDL Master

“Leadership and Strategies - Your Way to Strategies!

It brings together the key strategic thinking and leadership skills of strategic planning, and conflict management which is required to succeed in today’s complex and challenging business environment. It links the strategy of today’s firm with the desired outcomes of revenue, profits, and growth through value creation and market focus.”5


In order to assure best quality of the onsite seminars, the trainers, who are involved in these blended IBDL programs, have to succeed specific trainings before being recognized as an authorized trainer for IBDL. EJABI has already such authorized trainers in its portfolio.


To sum up, IBDL is a very good opportunity for all, who want to receive, upgrade and master expertise and skills in business administration and management in a foreseeable and manageable time span.


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