upgrading in a professional and sustainable way

The Mini-MBA program at EJABI is one interesting offer from our long-term partnership with the Missouri State University (MSU).

In addition, it is one of the favorites within our offers. Regardless if you act on behalf of a company, searching for a quick and educational upgrade for one of your employees in order to serve higher positions, or if you are a person, who wishes to enrich and enhance your knowledge and documented expertise in a sustainable way, the Mini MBA will be the right choice for you.

According to Missouri State, the Mini-MBA supports to “Gain a stronger foundation in current business theory and practice”. In addition, the Mini-MBA is for “managers who have experience in one area and want exposure to other areas to qualify for positions of increased responsibility1


With the Mini-MBA it is possible to enrich and deepen the own knowledge base in a foreseeable time frame. The Top-10-Reasons to choose this program are:

1.    “Your coursework will be relevant and applicable to real-world situations. It will challenge and strengthen your critical thinking abilities and prepare you to lead.

2.    Explore common business theories and practices.

3.    Gain knowledge to work cross-functionally in your organization or business.

4.    Develop a network of valuable business contacts.

5.    Broaden your overall management base of knowledge.

6.    Expand your ability to think and act strategically.

7.    Understand and use financial statements more effectively.

8.    Gain new and different insights into the causes of, effects of and solutions to organizational issues.

9.    Be able to work and communicate more effectively with other functional professionals and senior management.

10. Your potential for career advancement and personal growth will be greatly enhanced because of the increased knowledge, insight, and leadership capacity you’ll gain from your time with us.” 2


According to the promised and immense knowledge-growth announcement, also the variety of topics is correspondingly high:

Management Strategy and Implementation / Human Resources / Management and Legal Issues / Leadership / Becoming a More Effective Leader / Ethics in Business / Finance / Financial Accounting / Managerial Accounting / Operations / Process Improvement and Quality / Solving Problems with Root Cause Analysis / Operational Essentials / Marketing and Image Management / Social Intelligence: Forming High Performing Work Teams.3


The Mini-MBA encompasses 84 training hours and another 16 hours for business plans. It is concluded with a final exam and/or a final project. Overall, the Mini-MBA program is a very good opportunity for all, who would like to gain a certificate in a foreseeable and manageable time span.

Have a look to the details and let us know where we may support your decision. 

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