Senior Experts Service (SES)

Benefit from know-how made in Germany

The Senior Experts Service (SES) is the foundation of the German Industry for International Cooperation. It is the leading German organization for voluntary assignments carried out by retired German specialists and executives.

Since 1983, the non-profit organization has been supporting the voluntary transfer of knowledge and experience worldwide.

A Boost for the Future

SES provides expert knowledge to boost sustainable economic and social development. SES assignments strengthen local skills across sectors and industries.

Within the last four years, more than 65 German experts came to Jordan and shared very successfully their vast knowledge, skills and expertise with industrial companies, NGOs and governmental institutions.

For more information, contact

the official SES-representative in Jordan:

Mr. Fahmi Al-Najjar

Manager of the Office for German-Jordanian Economic Cooperation

Amman Chamber of Industry (ACI)

Islamic Scientific College Street
P. O. Box 1800 / AMMAN 11118 / Jordan

Tel.: 06 464 3001 Ext.: 313

Mobile: 0795 168 600

Fax: 06 464 3171


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