EJABI Up-To-Date Facilities

Your Unique & Boutique Venue in the very heart of Amman

EJABI is located on the upmost floor at the ACI-building, which is located close to the 2nd circle in Jabal Amman. The EJABI-premises are custom-made to fit the multifaceted needs and offerings of the institute.

EJABI is equipped with state-of-the-art learning facilities, training- and coaching-facilities, a learning resource center fully equipped with computers, high speed internet connection, digital libraries, management databases, spacious workshops, tutorial- and brainstorming-rooms both, for group and individual work.

In short, EJABI is your unique and boutique, full-of-atmosphere destination for training and events in the very heart of Amman.

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EJABI – your unique and boutique venue
for TRAINING and EVENTS in the very heart of Amman
The EuroJordanian Advanced Business Institute,
dedicated and joint EU-ACI project