EJABI Contact Team

Happy to get in Touch with YOU

Whenever you have any questions about our training offers or you might search for a dedicated destination for your training and/or events, our EJABI contact team will be pleased to hear from you:

 info@ejabi.org.jo / Tel.: 06 464 4133

Or just drop in at EJABI and pay a visit to us; in any case,

we will be happy to meet you!

Dr. Samer H. Khurma

Mr. Osama Abu Hantash
Program Manager

Dr. Nael Owais
Marketing & Development Manager

Ms. Salam Khalil
Assistant Program Manager

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EJABI – your unique and boutique venue
for TRAINING and EVENTS in the very heart of Amman
The EuroJordanian Advanced Business Institute,
dedicated and joint EU-ACI project